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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Anglican Catholic Church Conference, Coomera, Qld

When representatives of the Anglican Catholic Church met on the Gold Coast at a very modern Saint Stephens College school in Coomera to further progress on reuniting with the Catholic Church one of Connor Courts popular author, Fr John Fleming, was there helping to smooth the road leading to Rome. Fr. Fleming’s efforts and intellect must have been appreciated because when Connor Court took up shop on the second day of the gathering his writings proved very popular.

A beaming Archbishop John Hepworth approached the Connor Court desk announcing that “history is being made”, and was clearly delighted at the way discussions were progressing. In keeping with the spirit of this gathering it was most appropriate that Archbishop Hepworth had contributed to a chapter of Father Fleming’s , Convinced By The Truth.

Connor Court looks forward to any future literary contributions from those in attendance at this historic gathering. Who knows perhaps, as with this venture, some of them may be collaborations?

- Victor Sirl