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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas

Each year we plan to send out Christmas cards thanking our supporters, customers and friends of Connor Court Publishing. And every year we seem to run out of time. This year is no exception. Our commitment to ensure that customers receive their books in time for Christmas has left little time for Christmas cards, however please consider this email as our Christmas card.

We at Connor Court Publishing would like to express our thank you to all our customers, supporters and friends who have been an apart of the 2010 Connor Court success story. We appreciate your on-going support and encourage you to continue to support our work. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a rejuvenated 2011.

In 2011, Connor Court is committed to continue to publish quality titles, as well as commencing our Connor Court Quarterly, a peer-reviewed journal and magazine that will publish 4 issues a year (with Dr Brian Coman as editor).

Our printing and manufacturing continues to be done in Australia, making Connor Court a truly Australian company committed to the well being of our nation. And for the record the following titles were our top ten in 2010:

1. Test Everything – George Pell
2. Heaven and Earth – Ian Plimer
3. His Name is Mercy – Ken Barker
4. 100 Great Books of Liberty – John Roskam and Chris Berg
5. What if – edited by Peta Seaton
6. The Climate Caper – Garth Paltridge 7. Wednesday Warriors – James Gilchrist
8. A New Wine and Fresh Skins – Julian Porteous
9. Make a Difference – Guy Barnett
10. A Guide to Climate Change Lunacy – Mark Lawson

We will be open during the holidays, expect book orders placed during the week of the4th-12th January we will sent out on 14th January.

Once again, our thanks for your support and we hope to continue to supply you in 2011with provocative reading.

Kind Regards
Anthony Cappello and the team at Connor Court Publishing