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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Connor Court's Top Ten for 2009

Number 1 - Ian Plimer's Heaven and Earth (6 print-runs, 40,000 copies in Australia alone). Editions also published in New Zealand, United States, the United Kingdom and Spain. Language editions coming out in Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Korean.
Number 2 - The Climate Caper by Garth Paltridge (3 print runs)
Number 3 - After the Heart of God by Bishop Julian Porteous.
Number 4 - The Little Black School Book, Volume 2 by Mark Lopez
Number 5 - The Gift of Confession (abridged version) by Fr Michael de Stoop
Number 6 - The Little Black School Book, Volume 1 by Mark Lopez
Number 7 - Australia's Education Revolution by Kevin Donnelly
Number 8 - Women of Hope by Linda Baraciolli
Number 9 - Theology of the Body Made Simple by Fr Tony Percy
Number 10 - Hot Tips for Cool Parents by Catherine Warnock