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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Ian Plimer, the author of this year's most talked-about book Heaven and Earth, will be signing copies of his book in-store at lunch time on Friday 10 July.

Easily the most talked-about book of 2009, Heaven and Earth has brought the debate on the science of climate change to a new level.

Ian Plimer contends that current changes in climate, sea level and ice are within the range of natural variability and that they have always been driven by the Sun, the Earth’s orbit and plate tectonics. He asserts that there is no evidence from geology, archaeology, history or astronomy to support the hypothesis that humans can, in fact, change the Earth’s climate. At its most provocative, Heaven and Earth criticises the UN and the IPCC, and argues that anthropogenic climate change constitutes “a new ignorance that fills the yawning spiritual gap in Western society.”

Heaven and Earth presents an alternative view of the science and politics of climate change. You'll want to read this engaging book to decide whether it is simply a ‘convenient’ view or one to be taken as seriously as the literature it seeks to refute.

Ian Plimer is Professor of Mining Geology at The University of Adelaide and Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at The University of Melbourne where he was Professor and Head (1991-2005). He was previously Professor and Head of Geology at The University of Newcastle (1985-1991). His previous book, A Short History of Planet Earth, won the Eureka Prize.

Event Details:

Lunch time in-store book signing

Friday 10 July, 2009

11:30AM - 1:00PM

Boffins Bookshop

806 Hay Street, Perth

Now in its fifth print-run, Heaven and Earth is essential reading for anyone even remotely interested in the climate change debate. Easily the most contentious book of 2009, it has raised the temperature of the debate, stirring up emotively expressed opinion wherever it is discussed.

Make sure you are at Boffins at lunch time on Friday 10 July to get your copy, meet the man responsible for it and see what all the fuss is about.

Can't make it?
We will be happy to have a copy signed for you. Simply pre-purchase and provide us with details of how you would like your copy personalised and we'll take care of the rest. To pre-purchase, you can visit us at the shop, email us, call us on 9321 5755, or purchase online by clicking here