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Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Ian Plimer facts

Ian Plimer's Heaven and Earth.

1. Nearly sold 30,000 copies since publication on April 16, 2009.
2. Number 1, HEAVEN AND EARTH (Independent)
Neilsen Bookscan May 2, 2009.
3. Rights sold to the UK and USA
4. Anticipated print-run in the USA- 100,000.
5. The Ballan Post-Office has been flat-out with over 2500 parcels sent out from Ballan in April and May.

6. There have been launches in Melbourne – 350 (full house) Adelaide (parliament house) 100 people (full house), Brisbane 120 people at the lunchtime launch, 180 at the evening launch. Sydney 200 people and a sell-out. Maitland 80 people, Hamilton 80 people. There are launches planned in Perth, at the Sydney Institute and in Ballarat.

- Anthony Cappello